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Why should I use your services?

Factoringadvice.com has been operating online for some time now and as a specialist factoring broker we understand the factoring industry and those companies that operate within it. Also our service to you is free.

If there are over 80 factoring companies, why will you introduce just two?

We have relationships with the majority of the factoring companies within the UK, however, depending on your circumstances we can normally narrow down those most likely to be able to offer you the service that you require. We generally introduce two companies to ensure that you are given a degree of choice and also to ensure competitive pricing.

If you receive a commission payment from the factoring company, how can you be independent?

We only receive a commission payment from the factoring company when you become a client. In today's market place, the majority of factoring companies pay very similar amounts.

I have a few CCJs and have had problems with credit in the past, can you help?

Probably, each case is viewed on it's own merits and there are factors who are willing to look at these cases.

As a new start business, can I factor?

Providing that you meet the criteria of the factoring company, yes.

I've been turned down by other factoring companies, can you help?

Contact us and we'll try. Sometimes you've just been speaking to the wrong factoring companies!

I already use factoring, am I getting a good deal?

Let us know the details and we'll make some enquiries for you.


What are the terms of using this website?

In using this site you agree not to hold Dragon Business Finance Ltd  (DBF) or any of it's employees or agents liable for any losses or damages resulting from information on this site.

DBF is registered under the data protection act and where personal information about you is collected on this site, it is used for the purposes of that enquiry and is only divulged to those lenders / financiers applicable to your enquiry. By submitting an enquiry you are agreeing to your details being passed on to the respective financiers.

DBF is an independent commercial finance broker and has no financial ties with any of the financial institutions it introduces.  DBF will introduce you to lenders who, from the information that you have supplied, are likely to be able to assist.

Before entering into any form of legal agreement with a lender you are always recommended to seek independent legal advice from a solicitor who will explain the nature of the documentation.

DBF's services are generally FREE to you, however where it is necessary for us to charge you a fee, you will be advised in advance of us starting any work and be given the option to cancel.


This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of FAQs, for any further questions you may have please contact us.